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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My tacticool, single shot, lever action, antique replica, 22LR, urban sniper rifle-

I'll bet you've never seen a sniper rifle like this one before-

Stevens Favorite Urban Sniper Rifle

That is my Stevens Favorite replica rifle with a VistaLite bicycle light strapped to the side. I'm going to use it and the Colibri subsonic ammo I bought yesterday to dispatch the masked bandit raccoons in my backyard. I had to put the light back and to the side so that it throws some light on the front sight which I treated with a silver Sharpie for better visibility. My initial plan to mount it under the barrel lit up the target zone beautifully but I could not see the front sight at all, hence the unusual location on the left side.

The bandits are coming to the bait I'm setting out but I realized that unless they run across the roof like they did the other night, I won't know they are out there. So I'm going to install a makeshift motion sensor, wired to a light inside the shop. With that I'll be able to sit inside until the light comes on alerting me to bandits.

The Colibri ammo I purchased doesn't penetrate clear through a 1" pine board but I figure a raccoon skull isn't as thick as a pine board. And the sound of the bullet striking the board from 20 feet is louder than the discharge of the shell being fired so I don't think I am going to alarm anyone.

As always, click the thumbnail to see the full size picture.

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